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Literature of religion and the world

Literature of religion and the world

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Abi al-Hasan Ali bin Muhammad bin Habib al-Basri al-Mawardi

The honor of what is sought is due to the honor of its results, the greatness of its danger due to the abundance of its benefits, and according to its benefits it is obligatory to take care of it, and according to the extent of care for it is the harvesting of its fruits.
And the greatest of things in danger and destiny, and the most general of them in benefit and prosperity, is what the religion and the world are righteous, and the righteousness of the hereafter and the first are regularized. Because with the uprightness of religion, worship is correct, and with the righteousness of the world, happiness is complete.
And (How good is religion and the world if they come together)
Then, isn't the rational writer the one who reformed the affairs of his religion and his world, so he won happiness in the first and the next?

This is a book in which its author intended to refer to their manners, and to detail the most beautiful of their conditions, on the fairest of the two matters of brevity and simplicity.
It is a book imbued with knowledge and literature, and it is worth asking, as the sheikhs and scholars entrusted their predecessors with advising them to read it, and taking care of taking its directions, and preserving its salts and anecdotes.
The wonderfulness of this book: it intersects literature books in many of its subjects and researches, and it contains the radiances of Imam Mawardi’s specialization that dazzles the heart and the pulp, but the wonderfulness of this book is the moral and ethical discipline that rarely encompasses a book from its beginning to its end, and the divisions and subdivisions that most people did not pay attention to. Classification in this art, so Dani Al-Jana was in it, close to the outlet, a pleasure for the soul and the spirit, benefiting the adolescent, the young, the elderly, and the old mortal old man.
This book contains five chapters:

About the book:

Cover: hard cover art

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Paper Type: Chamois

Section: Religious Books

Pages: 379 pages

Al-Tawfiqiyyah Library for Publishing and Distribution

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