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I want a leg to stand on

I want a leg to stand on

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Oliver Sacks

Translated by: Rafif Ghaddar - Center for Arabization and Translation

His friend Luria, "a pioneer of newer and deeper medicine," told him: "You are discovering a whole new field.. Please publish your observations. This will do something to change the 'veterinary' approach to peripheral disorders, and to open the way for a deeper and more humane medicine." This is exactly what the famous writer and physician, who is currently working at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a clinical professor of neuroscience, does.
"we can consider The book is a kind of neurotic novel or a short story, but it is a story whose basis lies in personal experience and neurological truth.” Rather, it is "an abyss of strange and even terrifying influences", which left the writer with "a deeper sense of the horror and wonder lurking behind life, veiled, so to speak, behind the usual superficial appearance of health."
In this novel, as the narrator says, “the main ideas are mixed with” special neuropsychological and existential phenomena related to my injury and recovery, the issue of being sick and my later return to the outside world, the complexities of the doctor-patient relationship and the difficulties of dialogue between them, especially in a matter that confuses both of them, and the application of my discoveries to A large group of patients...", leading "ultimately to a critique of current neuroscience, and to a vision of what the neuroscience of the future might look like".
The writer divides his story into stations, starting as an accident in which he injured his leg during a mountain climbing trip, describing his feelings and emotions: “I went through what I thought would be my last day on earth,” and then describes how to save him. “And I Became Sick” is the title of the second station, in which he describes everything he experienced during the period of illness and the work procedure. ..........

Information about the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 19.5 cm
Weight: 314 grams
Number of pages: 255 pages
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

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