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Lolita fingers

Lolita fingers

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Wasini the lame

The Algerian novelist Wassini Al-Araj evokes "Lolita", which was previously written by the Russian Vladimir Nabkov in his masterpiece, which is one of the classics of literature , but Al-Araj in his beautiful novel; Watching "Keep Me Away from My Bad Reality, Even Temporarily" differs from the novel "Nabkov". Its events revolve around a writer in a country whose town is Paris, protected by the French police as a political refugee.
Three stanzas of one woman, multifunctional no paper but forbidden books. Lolita was seductive as a professional courtesan, and a virgin as Mary, a perfect angel in the aura of madness that revived the poetry of Niyyi with the poetry of Niyyi with the poetry of Niyyir . Breeding palaces, and the upbringing of the daughter of the heretic. In it there is the warmth of Mary, the absurdity of Rasputin, the despair of Karenin and the innocence of Lily. Two faces in one face.
For Lolita, the writer chose a character from the world of fashion, a fashionista whose names are colored by the color of her clothes and perfumes, and the places she visits: from Nawwa to Malak, to Lalo, to Lolita... Nothing prevents her from committing suicide, which she chose to face her deep wound, except for a novel that happened by chance between Tediri Ben Tediri Ben Tediri Ben Tediri Ben Teddy I fell in love with him to madness... A writer whose uncalculated political game led him to exile, to escape an assassination that haunted him until the last page "Fingers of Lolita" A humane novel par excellence, which develops the rhythm of life's major edges. Love and hate, right and wrong, reason and madness, innocence and criminality... The writer waives all his material rights to children with cancer.

About the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Pages: 503 pages
Publishing house: Dar Al-Adab

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