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Origin of Species Evolutionary Theory

Origin of Species Evolutionary Theory

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Charles Darwin

If we say that Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species is the most controversial, it is not in the context of propaganda. This book is present in every discussion about the origin or evolution of life. This is not evidence of what happened recently in America, the greatest and most liberal country, as the debate was reopened about the correctness or wrongness of teaching this book in schools, and recently several books aimed at refuting Darwin's theory appeared, with the support of neoconservatives who were disturbed by Darwin's theory because it contradicted Darwin's theory. Creation as it came in the Old Testament.
This book, which defends a theory that says that man evolved because of his needs, and that his brain changed his shape and body, is present and has become part of the study of the history and development of humanity, despite the wide war that it waged and is still going on.

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 17*24 cm

Pages: 710 pages

Weight: 1070 grams

Translated by: Ismail Mazhar

House of Cultural Diversity

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