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Coptic Muslims before Muhammad

Coptic Muslims before Muhammad

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Fadel Suleiman

The book deals with the history of the monotheistic faith in Christianity in general, and in the Arians sect in Egypt in particular, and the relationship of Arians with Muslims before and during the conquest, and their relationship with other Christian sects, especially the Orthodox.
The book first deals with a comparison between the belief of the Muslims and the beliefs of the monotheistic Christian sects, which rejected the Trinity, then it presents a brief history of each sect separately, and finally it deals in detail with the history of Arians in Egypt and proves that a very large number of Egyptian Muslims are of Egyptian origin (Aryosians converted to Islam shortly after the conquest Because they found similarities in creed) in contrast to the prevailing belief that most of the Muslims of Egypt are of Arab origins.
What do we get from the book:
1- The book removes the prevailing belief that the Muslims in Egypt are occupiers who came from the Arabian Peninsula
2- Proving that the conquest of Egypt was one of its reasons for defending the self

About the book:

Presented by: Mohamed Emara

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 20 * 14 cm

Pages: 191 pages

Iqra Foundation for Publishing and Distribution

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Copts Coptic Muslims

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