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Less Stress, More Achievement: Meditation for Exceptional Performance

Less Stress, More Achievement: Meditation for Exceptional Performance

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Emily Fletcher

The book was titled “Less Stress, More Achievement: Meditation for Exceptional Performance.” The book was translated by Omar Al-Qassas and reviewed and edited at the Center for Arabization and Programming in Beirut.
In our stressful and exhausted lives, it comes to our minds that achieving more lies in doing more things, but the best thing that can benefit us is taking a mental break – investing a few minutes of our day in giving rest to our body and brain. Did you know that a brief meditation can provide you with five times deeper rest than sleep? When you take the time to practice the Z Technique this book teaches you, you'll be more productive than if you took an hour-and-a-half nap or grabbed a cup of coffee.
A leading expert in meditation for high performance, Emily Fletcher/Founder of Ziva has taught meditation at many global companies, including Google, Barclays Bank, and Viacom to help their employees improve their focus and increase their levels of productivity. Through the book "Less Stress, More Achievement" anyone will be able to benefit from her program of meditation for a quarter of an hour twice a day. Emily created the Z Technology for busy working people in particular. Now, you can learn how to recharge anywhere, anytime - at home or in your office. All you need is a few minutes and a chair (no apps, tins, or incense).
It's not just another book on meditation, through Less Stress More Achievement, Emily teaches you the trilogy to powerful effect of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Sufism, (Sufism) meaning "recognizing that thoughts materialize when you learn the Z technique as you will have to practice Sufism daily immediately after deep rest and communication, which meditation gives”, and is intended to improve your personal and professional performance, mental clarity, health, and sleep. So the book is full of amazing life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical information, as it will introduce you to a daily exercise and guide you on how to make it fit your contemporary life. You know the importance of meditating, so what's stopping you? This entertaining and informative book from the creator of the Ziva Meditation Technique—a favorite exercise among high achievers—will make meditation popular. “We meditate to live well, not to reflect well.” - Emily Fletcher.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 294 pages
Size: 14 * 21 cm
Weight: 360 gr
Section: Self-development -- Developing the mind and memory
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

Less - stress - more - achievement

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