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Much more

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Bassam Koussa

“I forgot to tell you that Aba Mabrouk, my father, and Umm Mabrouk, my mother, are dead.
On a distant autumn day, he was lying on his bed, looking at me with such a tired and alienated face. He was so sad that I could hardly stare at him as he tried to free his soul from his weary body.
His low voice pulled me in as he said:
- You who are not my son, I loved you more than the rest of your brothers, for nothing but because you are the firstborn. You have brought joy to my heart. He completed with difficulty:
- I did a medical analysis and learned that what I possess of the water of life inside me has no life!!
- Your mother wanted to make me feel proud of my manhood, so I did what she did, so I forgave her... I forgave her even though what she did was what killed me!!
After two days, or after three days, I don't remember… He died.”

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Number of pages: 140 pages
Size: 14 * 21 cm
Publishing House: Nineveh House for Publishing and Distribution

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