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I'm fine: How do you get through difficult times

I'm fine: How do you get through difficult times

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Ryoho Okawa
Translated by: Omar Saeed Al-Ayoubi
There is no doubt that every person in this life must go through difficult times, but the lesson lies in
Passing it, learning from its lessons, and coming out with the least loss, especially from a psychological point of view.
In this book, teacher and spiritual leader Ryoho Okawa, founder of Happy Science who has devoted most of his life to exploring the truth and finding ways to give true happiness to people around the world, puts his book "I'm OK!" Which contains a recipe for success in life, as people around the world can use and benefit from this recipe. It is an essential book, written in easy and clear language to provide the reader with instructions that help him manage a life full of happiness. Rather, it is a comprehensive and modern reference, a study of life, and a way of living that transcends all barriers that divide people between religions and sects.

About his book, Ryoho Okawa says: This book, "I'm Fine," is the third in a series that includes other titles after "Coffee Break" and "Tea Time," which were released in Japanese. And there you will find a well.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 14 * 21 cm
Number of pages: 126 pages
Weight: 220 gr
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

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