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You are my 1/2

You are my 1/2

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Mona Al Marshoud

When the axis around which all your emotions, thoughts, and interests revolve... is just an orphan little girl... who sees you as all she has.

A novel whose pages exceeded 1,500 pages... and spanned over 15 years... characters and events changed... safety was gone, war came, then the war left and safety returned again... those who died died and those who stayed lived to narrate to us its events And if it was a child's imagination, her cousin would teach her how to pronounce his name... Her mouth stuttered the letters... She mixed up the letters of his name... So she uttered "You are mine"... And she didn't know that with that phrase she really possessed him... A young man's love between A child and a child.... and he stayed with them despite the distance.... and when the child became a female and the child a man.... conditions were more difficult for them... and at every station of their lives they were separated... except that at the last station they met And forever... This is love... It does not die despite the circumstances... It does not succumb to hardships.... It keeps the luster of its existence until the last moment... Confusion... Lost... Feeling one-sided feelings... Despair from The feeling of the other side... sacrifice... persistence... pain.... love... honesty... all of them are vocabulary. I learned what each word means, thanks to you.

Information about the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Number of parts: 2
Number of pages: 1045 pages
Arab House of Science Publishers

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