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Interrogate the president

Interrogate the president

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John Nixon

Translated by: Iyad Ahmed - Center for Arabization and Translation

He told them that you will fail because you are unable to understand the Arab mentality, the labyrinths of our country, and the weather conditions that control the character of the people. Imagine three thousand billion dollars spent to build a new Iraq that remained destroyed. John Nixon was the one who interrogated President Saddam Hussein after the Americans found him because of the betrayal of one of his aides, in which he expressed a lot about how this leader was thinking through his reactions, confessions, and sorrows... A good book in which you find many answers. John Nixon" This book is a living testament to an expert on Middle East affairs, John Nixon, who spent thirteen years with the Central Intelligence Agency as a political analyst on Iraq and Iran, and an analyst at the agency's headquarters in Baghdad. His job was to assist agency officers and special army units in targeting individuals in order to capture and interrogate them. Interrogating Saddam was a challenge to him. John Nixon is considered the first American interrogator to conduct a lengthy interrogation of Saddam Hussein after he was captured by American forces. In this book, he shows how the head of Saddam's bodyguards after 2003, "Muhammad Ibrahim Omar al-Muslat," was lured by the $25 million prize and He led the American forces to the farm where Saddam was hiding and was arrested. Then he shows Saddam's denial of issuing orders to use chemical weapons against the Kurds in Halabja and his accusation of Nizar al-Khazraji. Then the writer moves on to talk about Muqtada al-Sadr as a thorn in the side of the Bush administration since The overthrow of Saddam. Then the writer criticizes Bush Jr. as reckless and that all the arguments he gave for the occupation of Iraq were false. Then the writer asks whether removing Saddam from power was feasible? I don't think so.. Saddam's removal from power proved to be a catastrophe that befell Iraq, which has now become a failed state by all standards. Then the book concludes by talking about the conditions in which the execution took place, and that Saddam had repeatedly confirmed that he was not afraid of death and seemed resigned to his fate. The writer described Saddam as the most dignified and respected man in the execution chamber. He dealt with the situation as I expected him to be, defiantly and fearlessly to the end.

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Cover: plain cardboard

Number of pages: 237 pages

Size: 17 * 24 cm
Weight: 384 grams
Arab House of Science Publishers

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