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the mother

the mother

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Imam Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi'i

It is one of the most prominent sources and references of Muslims and one of the glories of what the Islamic Library has preserved for us. It is also one of the most famous works of Imam Shafi’i, along with his other book, The Message.

The book is a huge encyclopedia that includes branches, principles, language, interpretation, and hadith. It also contained a huge number of hadiths, reports, and the jurisprudence of the righteous predecessors, may God have mercy on them. Scholars also consider it the epitome and pinnacle of the scientific production of Imam Shafi’i, as it collects what I concluded in his jurisprudence. His latest writings.

The book is characterized by abundant reasoning and invocation of legal texts, and it contains many effects, and the author’s appeal to language in understanding texts, and its inclusion of accurate scientific debates and discussions that educate the queen and refine talent, and it is one of the most important sources in comparative jurisprudence and other things that the reader will notice

About the book:

Number of volumes: 10 volumes

Size: 17*24 cm

Art deluxe find

Dar al-Hadith, Cairo

Shafi'i Shafi'i - Al-Wajeez - Jurisprudence - Al-Hanafi -

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