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Invincible thinking

Invincible thinking

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Ryoho Okawa

Invincible thinking is a philosophy that includes within it (the ability to achieve victory in life), but how can this be achieved?
In this book, Ryo Ho Okawa - Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group presents a contemporary vision, or a philosophy that suits everyone, regardless of gender, age or nationality, and clearly opens the path to success in front of you, and tells you: There is no such thing as defeat.

Okawa, he says, starts from the idea that no one can live without making mistakes. No one can navigate through life without running into trouble. In fact, people move to the left and then to the right, fail and fall, then stand up, but they are always looking for a way to make their lives better and happier. Faced with this reality, what is required to achieve success in life? This is what I want to consider now.

Invincible Thinking is a philosophy that presents you with the greatest power that exists in the three-dimensional world in which we live, the world in which we breathe and eat. Of course, there are principles that go beyond the three-dimensional world, including, for example, the “Law of Will,” one of the laws of self-realization…”.

The indomitable thinker is not satisfied with one source of strength, but draws from multiple sources in life, and plants hope in you to complete the path of life and victory as well.

This book envisages enabling readers to become outstanding leaders, able to show others the right path. Indomitable thinking is a philosophy that allows people to succeed in all circumstances. It is a methodology that facilitates drawing lessons from both success and failure, thus stimulating leadership development. It is a technique for drawing your future in all circumstances using a combination of positive thinking and self-reflection. By reading, savoring, and practicing the ideas in this book, you can declare that there is no such thing as defeat—only winning.

About the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Number of pages: 138 pages
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 240 g
Department: human development
Translated by: Omar Saeed Al-Ayoubi
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

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