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Crime and Punishment 1-2

Crime and Punishment 1-2

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Dostoevsky raised the most urgent questions facing society. It is increasing its presence on the truth of the passage of almost a century and a half. Dostoevsky's artistic genius was characterized by great philosophical power. Literature for him is a way of thinking about the issues that occupied his time. He pulls our thoughts and our feelings so that we can see ourselves and our world in all its greatness and misery, or his neighbor, and he looks at you like Lone Lesnar. Seeing our world in all its beauty, its dreams, and its impossibility.
In Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky depicts the eternal struggle between good and evil, a deep reflection on the idea of ​​justice and the struggle of values ​​within that soul . It studies issues of existence, torment, good, evil, love, crime, passions, and utility...
Raskolnikov counts the steps between his house and the old woman's house. He describes the house, the staircase, the details of the dwelling, and the apartment overlooking it... all the details. Dostoevsky is keen on the details in the lives of his heroes, and is keen that, throughout the novel, we look forward to the circumstances, reasons, and contradictions that Raskolnikov carries, as if he is taking us to realize the impossibility of knowing man, and informing us of the chaos of his feelings, And unattainable shows lie in the depths of man.
Dr. Sami Al-Droubi's translation was able to reach the depth that Dostoyevsky wanted. And she conveyed her feelings to her father's side.

Information about the book

Number of parts:2
The cover is plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Pages: 852 pages
Translation: Droobi Sami
 Dar Al-Tanweer for printing, publishing and distribution

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