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Brain: How much of it do we need?

Brain: How much of it do we need?

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Alexis Willett

Scientific Interviewer: Jennifer Barnett

Your brain atrophies and shrinks, so is that important? And how much brain do we actually need? This book challenges us to think differently about the brain. Instead of focusing on the many wonderful things that the human mind does, we wonder about the complexities and contradictions of this brain, and can we live a satisfactory life together when any part of it is lost? The bad news is that our brains start to shrink already from our mid-30s, but the good news here is that we still seem to be in a state of confusion about this information in general, and that our human brains are able to adapt in extraordinary ways when things go wrong, and here each of Dr. Alexis Willett and Dr. Jennifer Barnett shed light on what the human mind can do - in ideal and sub-ideal conditions - and draw attention to what it can afford to lose without significantly affecting its functions, through some accurate facts and figures, case studies and some hypothetical scenarios, and through interviews And interviews with several experts, the book takes us on a journey between the mists of ancient times to the far reaches of the distant future, dealing with various types of assets.

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Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Number of pages: 344 p
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