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eternal husband

eternal husband

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Written by Dostoevsky

Translated by: Reham Hassan

This seventh volume of Dostoevsky's complete literary works includes two novels (The Gambler and The Eternal Husband) that appeared after the publication of his great novel, Crime and Punishment.
The Gambler (1866): The idea of ​​writing The Gambler came to Dostoevsky in 1863, during his trip abroad with Pauline Suslova. While Dostoevsky was on his way to Paris to catch up with his love, he stayed in the German city of Wiesbaden to gamble on roulette. He was inflamed by the passion of this gambling, and he won, and he thought that he had realized the rules that must be followed in this game to ensure profit: “I have really come to know the secret: It is a very simple secret, which is that one abstains from time to time, without caring about the stages of play, and without "Let him lose control of his nerves. That's it. It's impossible for a player to lose when he follows these rules." However, he soon tells his sister-in-law the misfortune that befell him at the game and the misfortunes that coincidences befell him: “I developed for myself in the city of Wiesbaden a method of playing that I applied, and soon I won ten …………. .......................

About the book

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 14.5*21.5cm

Number of pages: 237 pages

House of Cultural Diversity for Publishing and Distribution

For research: Dsievsky-Dostoevsky-Fedor

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