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let go

let go

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Dr. David Hawkins

The book Letting Go explains a simple and effective mechanism by which one can get rid of the obstacles to enlightenment and liberation from negativity, as the primary goal of the author during several decades of clinical psychological practice was to find the most effective means in alleviating human suffering in all its forms, and the internal mechanism of surrender was found to be Great practical benefit and has been explained in this book.

Dr. Hawkins' previous books have focused on advanced states of consciousness and enlightenment. During these years, thousands of students have requested a practical technique by which they can remove internal blockages to happiness, joy, love, success, health, and finally enlightenment. This book offers a mechanism for letting these blockages go.

The delivery mechanism explained by Dr. Hawkins can be applied in the midst of everyday life, and this book is equally useful for all dimensions of human life; It is useful in the areas of physical health, creativity, financial success, psychological recovery, achieving professional goals, as well as personal relationships, intimacy, and spiritual maturity, and is a valuable resource for all professionals working in the fields of mental health, psychology, medicine, self-help, addiction treatment, and spiritual development.

About the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Pages: 380 pages
Translated by: Arjwan bint Suleiman
Publishing House: Dar Al-Khayal for Publishing and Distribution

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