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Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud

The great thinker Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud raises in this book an explosive issue, which is intercession. The reason for the dispute is that the Holy Qur’an denies intercession in many of its decisive verses, in an absolute denial, and in verses that it mentions are restricted and conditional on divine permission, while some of the hadiths attributed to the Messenger of God tell us that Muhammad is upon him. Prayer and peace stands as an intercessor on the Day of Resurrection for the sinners and for the people of the great sins of his nation, and that he expels those who are destined for torment in the Fire and enters them into Paradise. And the Qur’anic constants completely contradict the narrations of the hadiths of the Prophet about him expelling whomever he wants from his nation from Hell, which confirms that they could not have been issued by the Prophet.
The book is an attempt to understand the meaning of intercession as mentioned in the Qur’an, and how it differs from the meaning of intercession in its worldly sense, and how the judgment of the Hereafter is unseen, and it is not possible to measure what is happening in it in our courts and in our world that is full of fraud and suspicions.

About the book:
Number of pages: 107 pages
Size: 14 * 19.5 cm
Weight: 114 g
Section: Think
Egypt Library

Intercession - intercession - intercession - my journey from - Mustafa Mahmoud - dialogue

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