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the assimilated child

the assimilated child

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We see in this book some of the ideas of d. Later Maria Montessori. Which we can call an introduction to "the essence of Dr. Montessori's theory". After the success of her methods with many children around the world, she had an enormous influence on her contemporaries in the fields of education and mental illness. Even today, its philosophy is reinforced and emphasized in the most modern teaching methods.
This book, The Understanding Mind, describes the child from the day he is born through his physical and spiritual development. His features and cognitive development are also touched upon.
From the first moment after birth, the human personality exists. A child has the ability to teach himself. The development of the brain, hand, language, movement, and the different stages that the child goes through, such as absorbing the environment and simulating it, are mentioned extensively. She also takes us in her thoughts on developmental obstacles and how a child's personality traits can be formed.
This information about the need for movement and how to guide a child through the different stages are basics that every teacher and parent should know.
help us dr. Montessori helps us understand the three levels of obedience, so we can guide the child in a much better way. The confusion between obedience and will, discipline and freedom is seen regularly in education. But when we get it right, we'll see a different kind of child grow up.
This book may be easy to read for those who are not used to reading, but it deserves to be a reference for its place on your shelves.

About the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Size: 14 * 20 cm
Pages: 440 pages
Translated by: Bahij Yousef
Publishing house: Dar Al-Kalima Library
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Child rearing - development - Montessori
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