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liberal mentality

liberal mentality

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Abdulaziz Marzouq Al-Tarifi

Were it not for the felony of haste, arrogance, recklessness, sharpness, and prudence on its owners, their minds would have been correct. And how much the revelation warned of those troubles that block the way for the mind to complete its cycle to give judgment without a place, and it is only a creature that rules in the way that it gives, searching and looking, revealing and clicking, investigating and probing, and asking and insight, so if the way is cut off, it gives you a crystal clear judgment, not a system It has no consistency.

There is no problem with the mind dealing with matter, rather the problem is with sending it to wade into its darkness and see from it the tip of its nail, so he thinks that he has seen it all, and His Creator and Creator command and forbid him, then the Creator is arrogant and quarrels with Him ((This is what I saw,, and this is what I see)) (that is their message of knowledge).
And many minds, due to their intransigence, tyrannize their owner, so neither writing vows nor words convince them, until they reach the state they themselves want to know what they are, and then return with flocks of remorse.

And whoever knows the ability of mental talent alone, and the multiplying species affecting its true affliction, and its differences in abundance and lack, strength and weakness, and deals with it with root, the mind is correct for him, and the mind, if it is correct, then it is the divine gift that is not equaled by anything, and if it is corrupted and disturbed, then it is the scourge that nothing can avoid.

Often the mind is immersed in the philosophies of Fugel in Zoya that deserves simplification, and he finds that he has insights, good reasoning, and intuition in evoking evidence, and getting carried away with it what he does not find with others, so that mental confusion obscures him from the results, and he forgets that the one who lives in darkness sees what the one who enters does not see from light to The darkness and the truth is that you see your way to the light, not that your vision in the dark obscures you from being in the dark!!
And if you see what no one else sees, then this is a right that has led you to falsehood.

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