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The Sober Mind: The art of building inner strength to overcome life's hardships

The Sober Mind: The art of building inner strength to overcome life's hardships

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Ryuhwa Okawa

The Sober Mind: The Art of Building Inner Strength to Overcome Life's Difficulties, written by Japanese author Ryoho Okawa, leader and founder of the Happy Science group, translated by Zina Idris.
A solid mind is the inner strength or mental toughness that helps in overcoming difficult challenges in life. This is what the Japanese author Ryoho Okawa is trying to say in his book "The Sober Mind", in which he presents a summary of his thoughts on the mental attitudes that must be developed in people, as well as his philosophy of life during his maturity as a spiritual leader who was able to overcome the obstacles and difficulties of life until he was able to establish the Academy of "Science". Al-Saeed” and other organizations and publications. The author expresses his experience by saying:
“What I went through during the last decades after my spiritual awakening increased my strength in heart and mind and helped me to develop my ability and depth as a human being. During this period, I tasted suffering and grief that the average person did not experience. Over the years, I produced a large number of published works and lectures that included a variety of viewpoints, and they all represent the days I spent cultivating a sober mind through suffering.Each day I lived, whether it brought fierce winds or torrential rain or scorching heat, I tried to transform a feeble mind into a sober one.And while I was on the path of improvement The self, my other self, was always present, watching every step I took on this journey.
Based on the foregoing, author Ryoho Okawa, in his book "The Sober Mind," presents a new perspective on the difficulties and challenges of life as valuable opportunities for achieving internal growth. No matter what circumstances you are in or how slow your progress is, the strength of your character will develop which will allow you to transcend the limitations that accompany each stage of life.
With this book as a guide, life's challenges will become treasures that bring lasting richness to your soul. The author presents to his readers the five mental attitudes they need to build a sober mind: 1- Resilience: the mental toughness that enables you to recover from adversity.
2- Courage: to defend what you believe in in your heart and strive to achieve it.
3- Inner maturity: a heart that acknowledges the diversity of people's opinions and viewpoints.
4- Inner richness: a noble spirit based on a strong sense of duty, responsibility, fairness, and generosity.
5- Inner Strength: A steady and unwavering spirit that allows you to remain calm and strong.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 166 pages
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 292 g
Department: Human Development
Translated by: Zina Idris
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

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