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the poor

the poor

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Written by: Dostoevsky

Translated by: Saad Al-Ghazali

The faces that we see in this work, which is Dostoevsky's first work, we will find in her other works. They are the faces of the "poor" and their way of life. So we share their torment to the extent that we realize what those souls store in terms of the ability to love and sacrifice. In this novel, we will touch the deep depths that Dostoevsky will penetrate, and the metaphysical depths that his novels will go to in diving deep into the dimensions of the human personality, especially in portraying the lives of the poor and marginalized and entering their psychological worlds around which most of his novels will revolve.
The two heroes in this novel are persecuted, tortured, humiliated, and humiliated, in which the wicked inflict all kinds of injustice, and they bear unbearable poverty. So Makar endures humiliation and hunger, and sacrifices everything he can get, which is very little, for the sake of the poor girl whom he hardly sees, and does not dare to visit her for fear of gossip. He accepts deprivation for himself in order to make her happy, so he sends her his small gifts, enduring cold, hunger and humiliation.

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