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Golden rules in managing fraternal conflicts

Golden rules in managing fraternal conflicts

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Abdullah Mohamed Abdel-Moati

Teach your son how to solve his problems with his siblings
I have asked a number of judges and lawyers about the percentage of cases brought before the courts that are filed by brothers against each other? They said: about 20%, i.e., one-fifth of the cases in the courts are between brothers and sisters, including inheritance problems, beatings, insults, and so on.

This made me ask some of those in charge of family reconciliation committees, what are the problems that occur between siblings? How do you solve it? They said: Many problems do not need a lot of creativity to be solved, they just need a simple dialogue between siblings, giving up the ego, a desire to preserve love, and training in childhood and adolescence on ways to solve problems and creatively calmly and lovingly...

Dear educator, one of Satan’s main goals is to spoil the relationship between brothers and seek to divide them, and therefore the reward for those who reconcile them is great, because the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Should I not tell you something better than fasting, prayer, and alms?” They said: Yes, he said, peace be upon him. May God bless him and grant him peace: Reconciliation of the dispute, and the corruption of the dispute with the shaver, I do not say: it shaves the hair, but it shaves the debt.” [Sahih Abi Dawood by Al-Albani H R 4919]... Hence your endeavor to teach your children how to solve their problems, and to raise them on practical love Theoretically, all this effort will be rewarded - God willing - with a reward that is greater than the reward of your prayers, fasting, and charity. In order for us to have a share of the reward for reconciliation between brothers, and in order to prevent Satan from inflicting enmity between our children, I have striven in this book to present practical ideas. It helps parents manage the conflict between their children, and teaches the brother (and sister) how to solve his problems with his brothers with creativity and love.

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