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Adolescents between monotheism and atheism

Adolescents between monotheism and atheism

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Authored by: Dr. Sawsan Muhammad Al-Shamli

The family has an important guiding role in the lives of adolescents, and it is responsible for social upbringing, such as instilling values, customs and traditions, as well as religious upbringing, such as instilling the correct belief in adolescents, and it contributes in one way or another to the son’s righteousness or deviation after the success of God Almighty, and several things help parents in that. The most important things are: correct Islamic education, understanding the nature of this age stage and its requirements, taking care of containing children, and working to form intellectual immunity in them, to protect them from any deviant and deviant thought that strikes them. If we look at the causes of abnormal atheistic thought - for example - we will find that many These reasons stem from within the family, such as the presence of a defect in education such as excessive neglect, or weak religious faith in the family, or religious extremism, or due to family problems or social or psychological pressures in the family, and herein lies the importance of the book to alert the preventive and therapeutic role of the family muslim

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