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The last fight

The last fight

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Jihad Al-Turbani

Every adventure has a beginning, every beginning has an end, every war has a final battle that determines its fate, and I'm afraid our adventure is about to end! What is the Greek riddle? What is the secret code associated with this puzzle? What is the relationship between the legendary Vandal treasure and the war that broke out between the Persians and the Romans? Where did this treasure disappear after the Persians occupied Jerusalem? What is the story of the historical “Marathon” battle? And what is the miraculous military plan that was used for the first time in human history? Where is the "Pillar of Snakes" located? And what does it symbolize? What are the words engraved on it?

Who is the Athenian leader who led the Greek resistance coalition against the Persian invasion? And why did he order the evacuation of the city of “Athens” of all its inhabitants?

What is the miraculous military system followed by "Sparta" to form its strong fighters? And where was the children of this Greek kingdom transported when they reached the age of seven?

What is the true story of the 300 Spartans?


About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 14*21 cm

number of pages :

Dar Al-Taqwa for publication and distribution



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