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Hidden maneuvers in our family, sexual and work lives

Hidden maneuvers in our family, sexual and work lives

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I want care

This valuable book, if you take it seriously, helps you reach a convincing answer, closer to the dazzling discovery, to the questions that revolve in your mind, about what you do not find an explanation of the human relationships that revolve around you, or run with you. It helps you understand the seemingly strange and unexplained behavior of those you come into contact with in your romantic, family and work relationships.
- A successful, intelligent and popular young man, why did he choose this particular bad-tempered girl, who lacks any measure of beauty, as his wife?
- An educated and superior person, why does he fail in every project he tackles, while those less intelligent and experienced succeed in these projects?
- Why does a girl do everything to convince that young man that she loves him and wants him, and when he does not respond, she raises hints until she reaches the point of open statements, but as soon as he takes a step towards her, she announces her rejection of him, trying to portray the matter as if he imposed himself on her?
All these questions, and many other questions, that touch the most sensitive issues of our lives, can find satisfactory answers to them, if we understand the basis of the hidden maneuvers that we practice in our daily lives.
This fun and simple book contains the ways to stop these maneuvers, and the ways to lead to the adoption of healthy and happy relationships.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 279 pages
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 318 grams
Section: self-development

Dar Al Karma for publication and distribution

Hidden maneuvers - maneuvering - hidden-development-human-self

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