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Quranic encyclopedia with the talking pen

Quranic encyclopedia with the talking pen

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Holy Quran with a talking pen

about the device

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Al-Minshawi with the children Abdul Basit Al-Afasy Al-Husari Al-Muaiqly Al-Hudhaifi Al-Shatri........
The possibility of hearing the Qur’an with its translation into several languages
English French German Russian Turkish Urdu Pashto Spanish Farsi Uzbek...
3 rules of tajweed
5 Tafsir Jalalain
6 Audio comparison
7 Hadith suitable for the surah
8 Reason for going down
9 readings: Hafs, Warsh, Qalun, Shuaba, Al-Suisi, Al-Douri.
1 luxury aluminum box
2 talking pen
3 charger with cable
4 wired earphones
5 Qurans measuring 24 x 17
6 Sahih al-Bukhari
7 Sahih Muslim
8 Al-Ruqya Al-Sharia and Al-Qaida Al-Nouraniyah, the Most Beautiful Names of God
9 Speaking Dictionary
10 Hajj guide
11 Talking Dictionary Book
Quran - Sahih al-Qaida - Anwariyah - Pen - Electronic - Pronunciation - Speaking

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