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Al-Muwatta - by the imam of the imams and the scholar of Madinah, Malik bin Anas.

Explained by: Mohamed Fouad Abdel-Baqi

This edition was supervised by: Mustafa Muhammad al-Dhahabi

Al-Muwatta' is Malik's book, yes, greater in benefit and more influential than all the books that were written until that time. Caliph Abi Jaafar al-Mansur (d. 158 AH) resorted to Imam Malik during the Hajj season, asking him to write a book on jurisprudence that brings together the diaspora and organizes authorship according to scientific criteria that he specified for him, saying: "Oh Aba Abdullah put the jurisprudence and write down books from it and avoid the hardships of Abdullah bin Omar, and the licenses of Abdullah bin Abbas, and the strays of Abdullah bin Masoud, and I mean to the middle of matters, and what the imams and companions gathered to, so that people, God willing, will carry on your work and your books, and we will spread them in regions, and we entrust them not to violate it.” Al-Mansur asked Imam Malik to gather the people on his book, but he did not answer him to that, and that is from his complete knowledge and fairness, and he said: “The people have gathered............

About the book:
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 17 * 24 cm
Number of pages: 749 pages
Weight: 1080 gr
Explanation: Mohamed Fouad Abdel-Baqi
Publishing house: Dar Al-Hadith

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