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A masterpiece of intelligent people in the virtue of science and scholars

A masterpiece of intelligent people in the virtue of science and scholars

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Educational expert: Abdullah Muhammad Abdul Muti

He is the beacon of light that dispels the darkness for you.. and the reason for which the people of the earth and the inhabitants of the heavens seek forgiveness for you..

And the motive that makes the angels humble you on the roads and protect you from evils and pests..

It is the jihad that does not require you to fight devastating wars.

And the purpose that many Muslims, men and women, neglect.

It is knowledge.. It is the path that leads its owner to the gardens of Paradise..

And the evidence that indicates its owner is that God, the Most High, intended good for him from above the seven heavens.

And the noble one who visits his companion to deliver mountains of good deeds to him while his companion is among the dead.

And the way of wealth that guarantees its owner that he will get the same wages as other diligent people in acts of worship and acts of worship while he is lying in bed.

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 21*29 cm

Pages: 32 p

Weight: 200 g

Section: Child and Education

Ebsar Center for Publishing and Distribution

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