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Drama free upbringing

Drama free upbringing

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Daniel J Siegel

In this book, we will introduce what we call the drama-free, whole-brain approach to achieving discipline, offering principles and strategies that will remove much of the drama and raw emotions that often accompany discipline. As a result, your life as a parent will be easier, and your parenting more effective. Most importantly, you'll make connections in your baby's brain that build emotional and social skills that will serve him at this point and then throughout his life - all while strengthening your bond with him. What we hope is that you will discover that the moments that call for discipline are really the most important times when we have the opportunity to form our children in a strong way. When these challenges arise - and they must - you will be able to look at them; Not only as scary discipline situations filled with anger, frustration, and drama, but also as opportunities to connect with your children and redirect them to behavior that will best serve them and your entire family.

If you are a teacher, therapist, or coach who is also responsible for children's development and happiness, you will find that these techniques work well for your students, patients, clients, or even your teams. Recent discoveries about the brain are giving us deep insights into the children we care about, what they need, and how to discipline them in ways that promote optimal development. We wrote this book for anyone who cares for a child and is interested in knowing compassionate, effective, and science-based strategies for helping children grow well. We'll use the word "parent" throughout this book, but if you're a grandparent, teacher, or other significant person in a child's life, this book is for you, too. Our lives are made more valuable by cooperation, and this group approach can start with several adults cooperating in the care of a child from the first days of life onwards. We hope all children have nurturing people in their lives who plan well for how to interact with them and, when necessary, discipline in ways that build skills and strengthen the relationship.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 309 pages
Size: 13 * 20.5 cm
Weight: 336 grams
Publishing house: Jarir Bookstore

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