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Refining the beginning and the end 4/1

Refining the beginning and the end 4/1

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Abi Al-Fida Imad Al-Din Ismail bin Katheer Al-Shafi’i Al-Dimashqi

Investigation: Abdel Halim Ibrahim Abdel Halim

Presented by: Mohamed Emara

Imam Ibn Katheer spoke in his great book “The Beginning and the End” about the comprehensive Islamic history, starting from the beginning of the creation of God Almighty, passing through the stories of the prophets and messengers, may God’s prayers be upon them all, mentioning the biography of the most honorable of creatures and the most beloved of God’s creation to God Almighty, the biography of our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Then he praised the biography of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after him, may God bless them and grant them peace. Then it was translated by the most famous imams and notables, until the end of the year 767 AH, and that is why he called it “The Beginning and the End.”

About the book:

Number of parts: 4 volumes

Size: 17*24 cm

Weight: 3910 gr

Section: Islamic history - religious books

Dar Al-Salam for publication and distribution

A beginning and an end - the beginning - the end - the end - and the end - for Ibn al-Kathir

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