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Plato's Republic

Plato's Republic

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One of the most famous books of Plato, in which he collected most of his ideas, is the book “The Republic”. In this book, the Republic is an ideal utopia, in which Plato divides society into three classes, the class of peasants and industrialists, and it is sufficient for them to learn a profession from the professions only, and the class of warriors, Their culture is obligatory, and includes music and sports. The class of rulers and their culture is highly philosophical, as they study all sciences, including metaphysics, and Plato believes that heads of state should be scholars and philosophers, not priests and clerics. About the Republic and to reside outside it with all reverence, dignity and respect, because it is their works of art that express honorable human customs that invite people to respect and honor them, and refer to Plato, p.

About the book:
The cover is plain cardboard
Number of pages: 335 pages
Size: 17 * 24 cm
Weight: 480 gr
Translated by: Hanna Khabbaz
Publishing House: Juice Books for Publishing and Distribution

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