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Vandal War

Vandal War

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Jihad Al-Turbani

- Who are the Vandals? And what is their war? And what is the fate of their legendary treasure that disappeared hundreds of years ago? What is the riddle of the ten rings? What countries and cities contain the secret of those rings? - What prompted the Vandals to migrate from Europe and cross the sea to Morocco? Why did the people of North Africa welcome them? How did the Vandals conquer Rome? What is the clever plan they followed to burn hundreds of Roman ships on the shores of Tunisia? - What is the Algerian city that was the scene of one of the most important battles that took place between the Vandal forces and the forces of the Roman Empire? - What is the story of the six kings painting that was discovered in one of Jordan's desert palaces? Who are these six kings? - What is the story of the secret document that was found in the Monastery of Mar Saba in Palestine? What is the dangerous historical secret contained in that document? - How was the secret tunnel linking downtown Nicomedia to the Mediterranean discovered? And where is the sunken palace submerged in water? - What is the secret of the mysterious number 6174? And who is the Indian genius who discovered this number? What is the new language created by Newton? And how did he want to make it a universal language for all human beings? - What is the story of the strange stone tombs in which the Lycians were buried? Why did they choose to carve it high in the mountains?

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 328 pages
Measurement: 14 * 20 cm
weight : 352 gr
Section: Islamic history
Al-Taqwa for publication and distribution
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