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Think well of God

Think well of God

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Iyad Al-Qunaibi

How can you - you - turn the ordeal into a grant?
How do you enjoy the grace of affliction?
How can you live happily no matter the circumstances?
How can you deal with matters - whatever they are - with positivity and advice?
How do you attach your heart to Allah - the Mighty and Sublime - so that you do not fear anything but Him and do not hope for anything other than Him?
How do you have an unbreakable determination... and an indomitable spirit?
How do you purify your heart from blaming fate, so that your heart becomes a healthy heart that you love to meet God Almighty with?
How do you love your Lord, Glory be to Him, unconditional love that is not affected by circumstances?

About the book:
Number of pages: 224 pages
Size: 14 * 20 cm
Weight: 274 grams
Section: Think
Publishing House: Publisher: Bibbook

He thought - God - the Almighty - Iyad - Iyad - Al-Qunaibi
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