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Tales of instilling values ​​in the home, kindergarten and school: Part Two

Tales of instilling values ​​in the home, kindergarten and school: Part Two

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Educational expert: Abdullah Mohamed Abdel-Moati

How beautiful it is to move away from the hustle and bustle of television, YouTube clips, and Facebook dialogues, to sit with our children and tell them some stories that teach them beautiful values, those values ​​that we learned from the stories of our grandmothers and our mothers, which we used to enjoy in the warm winter nights and quiet summer evenings. Of good value, and how much you taught us of noble morals. The good was clear in these tales like the sun, so the truth shone in our chests like the light of the day, and the evil in them was like the night. Today, their voices still echo in our ears no matter how far we are from childhood homes, and our children have the right to free up some of our time for them, to tell them the most beautiful stories and anecdotes, which will one day be the candles of memories that they walk by in the light of this life, and they remember us with it after our death. Fairy tales for our children so that our voices will remain echoing in their ears for life, and we will make the most beautiful memories with them, and their tongues will not stop praying for us whenever they remember our stories and our beautiful situations, and a step on this path we present in this book 25 An educational story and 25 moral values. The events of these stories take place in the animal world, so that we inculcate the values ​​in the child’s mind and heart in a calm and beautiful way. After each story, we present the educator with a package of practical ideas that enhance the educational value contained in the story. Sincerity, success, acceptance and blessing, and that it has a good impact in every home, kindergarten and school. Oh God, Amen.

About the book:
Age group: 6 - 12 years
The cover is plain cardboard
Number of pages: 152 pages
Size: 22 * ​​29 cm
Weight: 860 gr
Section K Children / Child and Education
Publishing house: Ebsar Center for Publishing and Distribution

Tales - values ​​- in - home - kindergarten - school - raising a child - tales - stories
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