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Human animal

Human animal

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Mamdouh Adwan

Human Vitality is considered one of the books that touches the reality of Syria today, despite the years that have passed since its writing, as it was published for the first time in 2007. The author says: “When things get worse, the authorities retreat. Kill the whole people.”

In the book, Mamdouh Adwan talks about the savage aspect of humans, specifically about the transformation of man into an animal and the death of “humanity” in him, although he later discusses the preference of animals over animate humans. And he believes that tyranny is an unfit environment for the growth of humanity, so as long as the world of oppression and humiliation is established by its ruler, the losses of humanity, from within, in addition to its material losses, are continuous and increasing, and the worst change that can happen to a person is the change in his mental and psychological structure.

Thus, Adwan reviews the process of degradation and “dwarfism” to which man is exposed at the hands of tyranny.

The writer deals with the emergence of violence and the habituation of societies to brutal things that are inconsistent with human taste, and how the tyrant contributes to this through his media and “distributing dirty tasks” and other methods, as he says: “Imagine the extent of what died in us until we got used to everything that is going on around us.”

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 244 pages

Publishing House: Dar Mamdouh Adwan for Publishing and Distribution

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