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Circle of Fear: Syrian Alawites in War and Peace

Circle of Fear: Syrian Alawites in War and Peace

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Leon T. Goad Smith

Translated by: Amer Sheikhoni - Center for Arabization and Translation
Alawites have been one of the most persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East for hundreds of years.
Therefore, the rise of an Alawite man named Hafez al-Assad and his assumption of the position of President of the Syrian Arab Republic in the year 1970 AD was an important achievement.
The Syrian Alawite sect formed a basic popular base upon which Hafez al-Assad relied to support the rule that his son Bashar inherited after him in the year 2000 AD.
Because of this support, the Alawites were called the "dominant" or "ruling" sect in Syria

Although these characteristics do not apply to the conditions of life of many Syrian Alawites, which remained backward socially and economically
They even underwent a lot of pressure to suppress their religious beliefs during Assad's rule
Why did the Alawites continue to support the rule of the Assad family?
Using the qualitative logical induction approach, which was based on realistic work in the field, interviews, and analysis of direct and indirect sources
This research studied the development and nature of Alawite politics, and used the principle of Ibn Khaldun in "Asabiyyah" (the feeling of the group).
As a general framework in examining the main factors that could explain the support of the Alawites for the rule of the Assad family
This study concludes that the fear of the sect is the main factor in the policy pursued by the Alawites in their continued support for the rule of the Assad family.
Ibn Khaldun did not mention this factor in his theory of the rise and fall of the families

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