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Mamluk blood

Mamluk blood

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Written by Walid Fikry

The dramatic endings of the Mamluk sultans

Forty military coups - at least - in addition to the failed attempts.
More than twenty sultans whose lives ended in assassination or execution, or their death was marred by suspicion of assassination.
Conspiracies and counter-conspiracies between the princes and one another, or between them and the sultans.
This is a small part of the outcome of the disturbances in the Mamluk era, which extended between the years 1250 AD and 1517 AD, in which the law of the transfer of power was the rule of “rule for those who conquer” historically attributed to Sultan Al-Adil Al-Ayyubi..

About this era flaming with events, about the deaths of those who died among the Mamluk sultans, through assassination, execution, or in the fight to defend their thrones... About that long thread of Mamluk blood...

About the book:

The cover is plain cardboard

Size: 13 * 19 cm

Pages: 192 pages

Al-Riwaq House for Publishing and Distribution

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Blood - the Sultan's Mamluks

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