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My journey from skepticism to faith

My journey from skepticism to faith

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Mustafa Mahmoud

I refused to worship God because I worshiped myself and admired the flash of light that began to flash in my mind with the opening of consciousness and the beginning of the awakening from the cradle of childhood.
This psychological state was behind the dialectical scene that is repeated every day.. I also lost sight of the principles of logic while I was dealing with logic, and I did not realize that I was contradicting myself when I acknowledged the Creator and then said, Who created the Creator, so I make of him a creature at the time when I call him a Creator, which is the very same sophistry.
Moreover, saying the first cause of existence requires that this cause be necessary to exist in itself and is not dependent or in need of anything else in order for it to exist. As for the cause being in need of a cause, this makes it one of the chains of causation and does not make it a first cause.

These are the dimensions of the philosophical issue that led Aristotle to say the first cause and the first engine of existence.
These dimensions were not clear in my mind at the time.
I had not yet known who Aristotle was, nor what the first laws of logic and dialectic were.
It took me thirty years, immersed in books, and thousands of nights of solitude, contemplation, dialogue with oneself, reconsideration, then reconsideration, reconsideration. Words on the path of certainty. It wasn't easy.. because I didn't want to take it easy.
If I had listened to the voice of instinct and let intuition lead me, I would have relieved myself from the trouble of argument..and instinct would have led me to God..but I came at a time when everything was complicated and the voice of instinct was weak until it became a whisper and the voice of reason became louder until it became arrogance and arrogance..and the mind is excused for its extravagance When he sees himself standing on a huge pyramid of achievements, and when he sees himself as a donor to civilization, including industry, electricity, missiles, planes, and submarines, and when he sees himself breaking into land, sea, air, water, and what is under the water. On what he knows and what he does not know.

Information about the book:
Number of pages: 112 pages
Size: 3 * 20 cm
Book Cover: Plain Cardboard
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Publishing house: Misr Library

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