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Messages from the depths of the earth

Messages from the depths of the earth

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Written by: Dostoevsky

Translated by: Anis Zaki Hassan

Novel Letters from Underground - Dostoevsky As you read this novel, you wonder what makes this human being, the cockroach, repeat its dark and stinky atmosphere, and it is divided into two parts: Underground, in which the shriveled hero talks about himself, and we get to know this character who does not love anyone, but perhaps hates everyone, and its mission Disturbing the peace of everyone around her. As for the second section: Dedicated to the Dewy Snow: in it this hero talks about some of the adventures he lived and tells the details of the events that passed in his life. The novel clearly tends to express existential philosophy, and some consider it the first existential novel. The human person on his own terms is the basis and the origin in dealing with the novel. We almost feel as we read this novel that we are sitting behind the eyes of the hero and observing the events, but with another addition that those who move us while we are in that place are ideas. And the hero's perceptions of the characters surrounding him, which he drew and may be otherwise. The man is very pessimistic. The blackness and gloomy fog present in the scenes reminded me of Kafka's scary books, as if you were in a real miserable and dark basement trying to finish quickly and get out of the book not for the suspense it contains because it is not like that, but for the suffocation that You feel it from the writer's pessimism about this world before reading, take a compass, and read about Dostoevsky's thought before opening one of his books... and then read slowly.......

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Cover: plain cardboard

Number of pages: 256 pages

Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm

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