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I will betray my country

I will betray my country

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Mohammed Maghout

Muhammad Al-Maghout is a funny writer, surprising. Before he betrays, he writes a book that he dedicates to warning that he intends to betray his country and at a time when acts of betrayal are done in secret. Which homeland is that they will betray openly and proudly? Homelands are of two types... Fake homelands and real homelands False homelands are the homelands of tyrants, and the real homelands are the homelands of free people.
The homelands of tyrants give people nothing but oppression, humiliation, and poverty, and their cities and villages have the characteristics of graves and prisons. Therefore, loyalty to the homelands of tyrants is betrayal of man, while his disobedience and rebellion against them is devotion to man and his right to a safe life dominated by joy and devoid of injustice and humiliation, especially since birth in any homeland is /Ohi/ Roots that bind a person to his homeland, and that roots will not strengthen, grow and grow except with what the country gives him of freedom and justice.
Muhammad Al-Maghout always thought that he was the man of lost and failed causes, but standing with people during their ordeals was never a lost cause, but rather a difficult test for the writer, especially since writing in the homeland of tyrants is less safe than sleeping with snakes in one bed. Freedom, even in the animal kingdom, is protected by claws and fangs, and blood is shed in order to preserve it. As for the human kingdom, freedom is the justification for existence and continuity, and if it is lost, life becomes the second aspect of death.
And Muhammad Al-Maghout, who lived half a century and three years, and knew what is at the top and what is in the abyss, and is still alive, monitors in this book his harsh and bitter experience with life in the Arab world... but it is not his experience alone, but rather the experience of an entire generation, a poor generation that was deceived from childhood With sparkling political and intellectual slogans, he did not discover that he was deceived until he knocked on the doors of old age with feeble fists, so he knew at that time that he had wasted the most beautiful years of his life.

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Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 508 pages
Publishing House: Dar Al-Mada for Publishing and Distribution

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