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bamboo stem

bamboo stem

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Saud Al-Sanousi

Life in the shadows of the Qur'an is a blessing. A blessing known only to those who tasted it. A blessing that raises life, blesses and purifies it. Praise be to God.. He blessed me with life in the shadows of the Qur’an for a period of time, during which I tasted of His blessings that I had never tasted before in my life. I tasted this blessing that elevates, blesses and purifies life. I have lived hearing God - Glory be to Him - speaking to me with this Qur'an.. I am the little, small servant.. What honor for man is this lofty honor? Any age raise raised by this download? What honorable position is bestowed upon man by his generous creator? And I lived - in the shadows of the Qur’an - looking from a height at the ignorance that ripples across the earth, and at the small and meager concerns of its people.. Look at the amazement of the people of this ignorance at what they have of children’s knowledge, children’s imaginations, and children’s interests.. as the old look at the children’s frivolity and attempts children. And the children's lisp.. and I wonder.. what's wrong with these people?! What is the matter with them, they are buried in the pestilential sludge, and they do not hear the solemn upper call. The call that raises the life and blesses and purifies it? I lived contemplating - in the shadows of the Qur'an - that complete, comprehensive, sublime, and clean conception of existence.. the purpose of all existence, and the purpose of human existence.. and measuring against it the pre-Islamic perceptions in which humanity lives, in the east and west, and in the north and south. . And ask. . How does humanity live in the stagnant quagmire, in the descending gendarmerie, and in the savage darkness when there is that pure pasture, that lofty ascent, and that bright light? And I lived - in the shadows of the Qur’an - feeling the beautiful harmony between the movement of man as God wants it, and the movement of this universe that God created. May God bless her. And I say to myself: What mean devil is this that leads her steps to this hell? What a pity for the servants.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 466 grams
Pages: 396 pages
Arab House of Science Publishers for publication and distribution

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Bamboo - Sanousi

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