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Light Series in Galaxy 1-5

Light Series in Galaxy 1-5

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Ahmed Khairy Al-Omari

In this book, the author talks about the month of Ramadan, which he likens to the guest, which people eagerly anticipate and welcome, offering him the best food, staying up late for it... and nothing more than that. And since he did not come for that, all this does not concern him.

Ramadan is not the cessation of what is delicious and good, nor the immersion in it.. It is the new birth that awaits us every year on the corner of our lives and ages..
It is the renewal of meanings in everything we do throughout the year. It is an opportunity - full of temptations and downloads - in order to understand what we should do throughout the year..-  

Series book titles:

who are yet to be born
Stranger in the galaxy
day, month, year
Nine out of ten

About the series:

Cover: plain cardboard

Fatahat: 593 pages
Number of parts: 5 parts
Size: 13.5 * 23 cm
Weight: 648 grams

Publishing House: Book Juice House for Publishing and Distribution

Galaxy Light Chain - Galaxy - Light Galaxy - Ahmed - Al-Khairy - Omari

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