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Sunan Abi Dawood

Sunan Abi Dawood

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Authored by: Abu Dawud al-Sijistani, the Azeri

Investigation: Abu Muhammad Suleiman Al-Qatouni

Sunan Abi Dawood known as Al- Sunan is one of the books of the Six Hadiths and the Four Sunnahs Which occupies an advanced position among the Sunnis, as it is considered one of the most important sources of hadith for them. It comes in the rank after the Two Sahihs, In it, Abu Dawood collected a number of hadiths , and his hadiths reached 5274 hadiths. And selected from five hundred thousand hadith.

Abu Dawud was interested in the hadiths of the rulings that the jurists inferred from, and the scholars of the regions built on them the jurisprudential rulings , as he said in his message to the people of Makkah: « These hadiths are hadiths of the Sunnah, all of them are in rulings, so as for many hadiths about asceticism and virtues, and others other than this, I did not bring them out. » ,

About the book:

Number of volumes:1

Cover: Deluxe Art Binding

Size: 17*24 cm

Paper Type: Chamois

Number of pages: 1312 pages

Weight: 1530 gr

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