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Biography and virtues of Omar Al-Farouq, may God be pleased with him

Biography and virtues of Omar Al-Farouq, may God be pleased with him

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For the imam: Abu al-Faraj Abd al-Rahman bin Ali bin Muhammad bin al-Jawzi

Islamic history is full of great men who wrote its major events in letters of light radiating from their goodness and benefit to people, so they are entitled to the eternity of the remembrance. Among them is Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, one of the great companions of the Prophet, and the Rightly Guided Caliph. Omar's entry into Islam was a major turning point in his life. Where He appeared as a man of strong personality, decisive opinion, seeker of the truth, may God bless Islam with him, so he was a backer for his Muslim brothers against the oppression of ignorance, so he accompanied the Prophet and served the call of Islam with all his energy, then he became the caliph of the Muslims after the death of the first caliph “Abi Bakr”, and he consolidated the pillars of the nascent state and expanded its territory

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