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Crowd psychology

Crowd psychology

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Written by: Gustave Le Bon

Gustav believes that the masses do not make sense, as they reject ideas or accept them as one, without bearing their discussion. What the leaders say to her invades her mind quickly, so she tends to turn it into a movement and action, and what he reveals to her raises it to the ranks of an example and then pushes it, in a voluntary way, to self-sacrifice. She knows nothing but severe violence in her feelings, so her sympathy soon becomes worship, and she is almost alienated from something until she hastens to hate it.
In the mass state, energy decreases in thinking, and the heterogeneous dissolves into the homogeneous, while the characteristics emanating from the unconscious dominate.
Even if the masses are secular, they still have religious reactions that lead them to worship the leader, to fear his might, and to blind submission to his will, so that his words become a dogma that cannot be discussed, and the desire arises to generalize this dogma. As for those who do not share the masses' admiration for the leader's words, they are the enemies. There are no masses without a leader, just as there is no leader without the masses. Le Bon wrote a century ago.

About the book:
Number of pages: 236 pages
Size: 13.5 * 19.5 cm
Weight: 228 grams
Book Cover: Cardboard

Publishing House: Dar Al-Marefa for Publishing and Distribution

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