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Sahih Muslim

Sahih Muslim

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Written by: Abi Al-Hussein Muslim bin Al-Hajjaj Al-Qushayri Al-Nisaburi

Numbering and arrangement: Mohamed Fouad Abdel-Baqi

(Sahih Muslim) was considered the second most correct source of the purified Prophet’s Sunnah after (Sahih Al-Bukhari), but some scholars preferred it over (Sahih Al-Bukhari); This is due to what is singled out for him in terms of collecting his chains of transmission, listing his chains of transmission, the way he arranges them, his good conduction, and the splendidness of his way, with what he contained of the valuables of investigation, the essences of scrutiny, the types of piety, precaution, and investigation in the narration, summarizing and abbreviating the chains, controlling their sporadic and spreading, and other things in it. The beauties and wonders, and the apparent and hidden subtleties.
And he, may God have mercy on him, chose it from three hundred thousand audible hadiths.

And he, may God have mercy on him, said in it, praising him: If the people of hadith write two hundred years of hadith, then their focus is on this Musnad - meaning its saheeh -.
Muslim in his (Sahih) singled out (Sahih Al-Bukhari) with a good benefit, which is that it is easier to access; In that he made for each hadith a single place that befits him, in which he collected his paths that he accepted and chose to mention them, and he mentioned in it his many chains of transmission and its different wordings, so it is easy for the student to look at its faces and invest in it, and he gets confidence in all that Muslim mentioned from his paths.
Imam Muslim is considered one of the great figures of the Muhammadan nation, one of the great figures in memorization and mastery, and one of the travelers in seeking knowledge to the imams of countries and countries, and he is recognized for his progress in the science of hadith without disagreement among the people of skill and knowledge, and the reference to his (Sahih) and relied upon in all times. For the abundance of his knowledge and the breadth of his narration scarcely could anyone of the people of his time and era, let alone those who came after him, equal him or come close to him.
And God Almighty has enabled the publication of this distinguished edition of this great book, which is the edition of the printing house in Istanbul, Turkey, which is considered one of the most perfect and correct copies of (Sahih Muslim) circulated.

About the book:

Cover: Artistic hard cover

Size: 17*24 cm

Paper Type: Chamois

Weight: 1095g

Pages: 919 pages

Ibn Hazm Library for Publishing and Distribution

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