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Your psychological contract is your eternal prison

Your psychological contract is your eternal prison

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Youssef Al-Hasani

We are born with a curiosity and passion to discover the world We try hard to know who we are, but they make copies of us We indoctrinate our parents' intellectual legacies We see the world through their eyes, not ours We derive false entitlement from money, power, external beauty, or someone who accepts us in a relationship, we may get attached to whom It strips us of ourselves and we do not know the secret. How do we recover emotionally if we do not reveal the analytical code? How do we know if we are just a precaution in the life of whom we consider life? How do we mature? Are we afraid of confrontation because we have learned to consider the other's feelings at the expense of ourselves, have we been established with a normal sexual culture?

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 288 pages
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 326 grams

Department: Mental health and development
Book Juice for Publishing and Distribution

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