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Live in the moment

Live in the moment

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Written by: Mustafa Hosni

Our lives are nothing but a group of moments that change in us day after day, and affect our decisions and reactions. There is a moment of joy in which the heart flies, a moment of misery in which the chest contracts, a moment of love in which feelings are linked, and houses are built upon it, and a moment of excitement in which voices are raised and collapsed. Relationships are with it, and in a moment of confusion what a person needs most is a wise decision, and in a moment of illness a person needs a close friend, and in a moment of guidance in which the servant sees the message of love from God and his heart responds, and at another moment in which values ​​conflicted with desires and you needed to compromise or resist to preserve Yourself, a moment when the newborn comes, so that the family gathers around him with hearts full of optimism and dreams, and a moment of separation in which we bid farewell to a beloved of ours who surrendered his soul to its Creator. Many moments pass through a person, drawing the most beautiful meanings in his heart, and other moments that steal the most beautiful values ​​from him.

About the book:

The cover is plain cardboard

The size is 14*21cm

The number of pages is 429 pages

Dar Nahdet Misr for publication and distribution


Husni Moment Islam Moments

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