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Biography jurisprudence Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Biography jurisprudence Muhammad Al-Ghazali

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No human being has been able to comprehend the aspects of the personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, just as none of them has been able to comprehend the greatness of the Chosen One, whom God Almighty made as a mercy to all people and a guide to the light of truth and certainty. Many scholars of the nation have done their best, so they composed and wrote about the biography of “the Chosen One,” may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and all of them acknowledge his shortcomings in this aspect and acknowledge his incapacity.
However, the author of this book has set out to write about the biography of the Holy Prophet, and he has a goal ahead of him that goes beyond the limited meaning of narrating the biography, learning from it, and taking into account the approach of its owner. Knowing the few things about the biography is equal to the author of this book being ignorant of it. He does not want the great truth to turn into a miraculous myth, because the life of Muhammad, for a Muslim, must be the source of the good family that he follows and the source of the great law that he adheres to. ......

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