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The art of observation

The art of observation

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31 ways to unleash creativity, find inspiration, and make happiness a habit

Rob Walker

The Art of Observation » A book that restores our communication with ourselves and with those around us. It reinforces the concept of reconsidering things we have learned and built in the corner of the archives. It is a book that stimulates the sense of attention, yes, considering that attention is a seventh sense, as the five basic senses are sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, and then the sixth sense, which is intuition. This book comes and assumes the existence of a seventh sense that gives another dimension to all six senses combined, namely the sense of attention. The art of observation moves us between five levels of attention ranging from seeing, sensing, wandering, communicating with others, and solitude. Rob Walker, author of this book, explains that multiple consciousness, which one researcher defined as the state of mind caused by dividing our attention between the physical world and the virtual world connected to us by our smart devices, is what undermines effective relationships between people and things in the real world around us right now.

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 21 * 14 cm

Weight 348g

Pages: 304 p

Tashkeel House for Publishing and Distribution

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